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Hello All

There are too many conversations and comments all over world about art of living , GOD ,destiny , I have a conclusion .and I am strongly believer of this .
As I am just now 23 yrs but I read a lot of books, blogs and met lot of people and found lot of views and thought while looking upside at sky in night
at last I become strong believer of this It is not too lengthy like GEETA is just one word i.e. ‘BALANCE’.. images.jpg

If we do all facts of life and things of the universe in balanced form. I damn sure that our life will be going in smooth way
and I think it is absolutely true. I have some examples for this

Ex. 1 As we know the love between mother and is extreme one but i want to recommend to mothers that they love theirs child in limit (balance)
It is main cause of quarrel between ‘Devrani’ and ‘jetani’ in joint family. Lets take an e.g. They always try to give maximum milk (of which family bought)
they ignores mistakes of their child. This is only one case which i said.there are many cases harm to others and making life miserable of others and themselves too
same case with love between husband & wife

Ex. 2 Now a day’s young generation comes to city for education or earn money …and they use freedom at full flash.
I am not asking for all …but here i am pointing to “Balance’ word… We should so masti in limit …take care health instead of taking excess of wines..
should not take decision to go physical relationship suddenly or easily mean should consider circumstances.. Otherwise this youth of india will under depression.n lot of headaches

Ex .3 lot of people are creating problems for others and themselves by always saying ‘YES’ at worked …to friends …to wife … to child
We have to learn to say ‘NO’ instead of ‘YES’ .So here ‘YES’ should be in balanced form

Ex.4 the people who are strong believer of GOD .., doing daily worships of long period (puja-path) . Such people whenever, face a hurdle or problems
they start praying and chanting of mantras. but he do nothing and just watch and wait GOD will change situation. They behave like Coward.
They don’t take decisions and do some tries …

So guys, we should do willing to balance the things as

i) Professional

ii) Spiritual

iii) Personal

iv) Health

v) Relational ship

vi) Social

These all , have long descriptions to make them balanced….But these are too lengthy

So understand by introspection ands I am stopping it here. And welcoming comments on this too
At last i can say.belive in GOD and destiny should be in balance. GOD always tries to make the Universe balanced not accord to personally

Thank you

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